1000 Books before Kindergarten

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Give them a jump start on learning to read by reading with your child.1000books

Just imagine if you read just 1 story a night you could read 1000 Books in less then 3 years. Start reading even before they are born.  You might be surprised the books and subjects they will already be paying attention to once they are born.  Mine had favorite books and music because they were “hearing” what I was reading out loud.

 Keeping track of your numbers

How do I know if we have read 10 , 100 or getting close to the 100 book mark?  Use something as simple as a spiral notebook or the handy app found here (iPhone/Android), to keep track of the books you read.  It really doesn’t matter if you read the book once or 100 times. Your child will naturally want to read a book over, and over, and over.  This is a normal attitude in young and old readers.  We all have favorite books that we like to re-read.

You will still count it each time it is read.  Memorization will improve their increasing vocabulary, and that means a big head start when it is time to start school.

Give us a call at the library if you need help getting started.  We would love to help you give a love of reading to your child.



Try out Britannica for Kids

Just in time for school. We’ve added a new resource to help you in your learning and discovery pursuits.

To login from home, ask us for special login info.

There are 2 levels of Britannica for School.

Britannica Elementary

  • Look for people, places, and things
  • Watch and learn with videos and animations
  • Have fun with games and activities

britannica elementary

Britannica Middle

Find articles, images, videos, biographies and the world atlas.

Save your favorites with My Britannica.

britannica middle

Need help with Britannica or finding anything else, please let us know!